Monday, June 29, 2009

no sense in cleanin'

my room is a mess right now. i think it likes it, like a kid who's happiest when she's covered in mud from running through sprinklers or something, only this mud is rainbow colored and really really girly. there's embroidery floss and fabric scraps and makeup and sketchbooks and shoes and purses and clothes that were too clean to be put in the laundry basket yet too dirty to be put back into drawers. i'm not really comfortable with the mess, and i can tell you my family isn't, but the room seems happy so i'll let it marinade for a little bit while i take a shower.
i love a lot of things today (stuffed animals, embroidery, ice cream & milk, spinach/artichoke/parmesan cheese dip), but i can't be bothered with pictures and a detailed post. i just wanted to say hi. hopefully tomorrow i can write up something decent.
love, kayla

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  1. this post makes me happy... the visual imagery is just so lovely!