Friday, June 12, 2009

compilation + the new new blog

one of my most frustrating and wonderful traits is that i'm ever-changing. i have a new love, new dream, new idea, and new favorite color every day it seems. the blog i started for my crafts, treasurefulness, felt like what i wanted for a little while, but it ended up feeling too different from me and who i am. i got confused. i've been very interested in other people's blogs lately and i wanted to make something like theirs, to be the beautiful, creative, hip person like some of the girls i've come to admire (ahem *rachelelsiecakiescrissymarta* among others). i don't think that in itself is bad, but i tend to lose myself in things i wish i were. sometimes i'm just not things!
so i created this new blog, in an attempt to remain true to who i am and the stuff i love, and hope to blossom into the beautiful person i'm supposed to be.

(if you've followed me here, thanks!)

love, kayla


p.s. since i'm a-movin' blogs, i don't want to lose some of the cool stuff i found and shared. instead of copying over every post, i'll just throw the pretties here mish-mash style.

beautiful crocheted flower hair clips from mariannes.

i very much love these announcements and invitations from inkylivie.

and domesticconstruction's teacup chandeliers. i'm so happy i discovered these! i absolutely think i need one.

enchanting wonderfuls from brighter day.

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