Saturday, June 13, 2009

it's sunday, and i'm happy

i never know how to start these blog posts, so i'ma just gonna jump right in.


i'd settle for a polaroid camera. i would also settle for film for my newly fixed-but-not-really-fixed-cause-it-was-never-broken fancy nikon film camera, but for a very long time i've been wanting overexposed, grainy pictures INSTANTLY. i judge the importance of my obsessions by how long they last without me indulging them too soon, and if they make it into the months range, i say they deserve to be indulged.

however, film is slightly less expensive than a whole actual new camera, so i guess the instantness part is still going to have to wait.

it's been a trying weekend.

not that it wasn't good. i got to see some little boys that i haven't seen for a while so of course it was good. but i think i got my first real dose of what actual marriage and motherhood is going to be like. a heart is quick to melt in the face of big, innocent blue eyes, but it hardens back up pretty fast when you don't know why those eyes or crying or how to make them stop, and you can't pass them back to their mommy, and your boy-boy is downstairs playing video games all day. i really do hate to say it, but i've had to work hard to keep myself from getting frustrated at the man i love all because i'm stressed out taking care of a baby. i'm sorry tony.

but today was church day and even though i was tired, i always feel better after church. then a couple of movies and some exploding kitten noises, and the weekend's pretty much over. back to work, which i'm sure will make me want to be a mother again.

as far as crafting or doing anything creative goes, i've come to understand i've run into a little bit of a dry patch. which is weird, after having just gone through a very fertile, productive stage. i've got a napkin dress design magneted to the noteboard waiting to be started, a bag full of unfinished sewing projects, multiple little embellishment ideas floating around in my head. oh, and the secret embroidery project, of course.

and last but not least, what would a penniless, stubborn do-it-yourselfer be if she wasn't her own hair stylist, too?

i need a nap. and a good day at the park. happy sunday, everyone.
love, kayla

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