Monday, June 15, 2009


it is very much definitely bed time.
i'm very proud of myself, because i've been up using my sewing machine. i'm sure my mom in the next room and my stepdad in the room below don't really appreciate me using any type of machinery at midnight, but i'd already started the project and if i stopped then it would fade away into the pile of things to finish when i don't feel stuck anymore. i didn't finish it, because sewing when you're tired is the mother of all bad ideas, so i guess i'll have to bust out some willpower and finish it tomorrow.

this brings me to today's thrift store finds. yay!

i can't tell you how in love with this phone i am. i've wanted one since i was little, and when i saw it on the shelf for $3 you know i had to buy it. who cares if tony and i aren't married yet or have a place of our own? the time to stock up on quirky home goods is now!

(the best part is that it actually works.)

i also bought two sheets and a neato pillowcase. the sheets are for clothing practice because they're cheaper and prettier than muslin, and the pillowcase is awesome, what with it's tree design and all. i'm thinking pillowcase dress, or maybe something a little more special. we'll see.

and before i go to bed, my very sweet boyfriend surprised me with brand new rolls of film today.

we love him.

that's all. tomorrow maybe i'll have some pictures of our adventure to thanksgiving point a while ago. there's a boutique thingy there that's full of all kinds of prettyness. happy monday!

love, kayla

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  1. THAT PHONE IS BOOOOOOMB. I love it you're so lucky.