Monday, June 29, 2009

no sense in cleanin'

my room is a mess right now. i think it likes it, like a kid who's happiest when she's covered in mud from running through sprinklers or something, only this mud is rainbow colored and really really girly. there's embroidery floss and fabric scraps and makeup and sketchbooks and shoes and purses and clothes that were too clean to be put in the laundry basket yet too dirty to be put back into drawers. i'm not really comfortable with the mess, and i can tell you my family isn't, but the room seems happy so i'll let it marinade for a little bit while i take a shower.
i love a lot of things today (stuffed animals, embroidery, ice cream & milk, spinach/artichoke/parmesan cheese dip), but i can't be bothered with pictures and a detailed post. i just wanted to say hi. hopefully tomorrow i can write up something decent.
love, kayla

Saturday, June 27, 2009

harry potter?!?

woot for saturdays. the plans for today are costco, the mountains, cameras, and loving summer. i was woken up this morning by tony bringing me lots of new music and kisses. we ate breakfast over the paper and cut out one of the funnier comic strips, then we jumped on the trampoline and i got a piggy back ride. aren't we disgustingly cute? :) i love my boy.
the plan for right now is to kill time while waiting for people to shower by working on the current embroidery project and listening to harry potter on tape. that's right, harry potter. for those of you who don't know, i swore to never bother with harry potter since it first came out. i have a thing for purposely not following fads (less now than then) and it more or less began with harry potter. but tony got all 7 books on audiotape and put them on our itunes, and i would eavesdrop when he listened to them. the sensation of being read to is one of my favorites; i feel like i'm back in 5th grade where the teacher would read us wonderful stories, like mrs. frisby and the rats of NIMH and the last of the really great whangdoodles, and i can just sit back and be totally enraptured and it's a different experience than reading a book yourself.
i still prefer reading to listening to books, but i'm content to experience harry potter this way.
and yes, i like the books so far.

real quick, this is what i'm working on. it's just for fun, to learn new stitches and get some practice in. the pattern isn't mine, i found it on a website somewhere.

happy saturday.
love, kayla.

Friday, June 26, 2009

sudden extra time

it's such a beautiful summer day, my boss told me to go home early to enjoy it! :D just kidding. i did get to come home early, but only because business was so agonizingly slow. the reason doesn't really matter though; i'm grateful to be home.
i've got the windows open and the blinds pulled up, the swamp cooler making things livable. cherries in the fridge, a puppy in the yard, flowers on the desk.

perfect and lovely, no? maybe i'll get something productive done. ha. actually i'll probably do some embroidery while listening to harry potter.
what do you do on your summer days when you get home from work?
love, kayla

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

end of lazy haitus + spoils from yard sailing

hi! it's been a few days. that's my fault. we got some sweet loot last saturday that i've been wanting to blog about, but they needed to be photographed and i just never got myself around to it. isn't it funny how sometimes we lack the motivation to do even the things that we really love?

well, i'm back so let's get to it.

our neighbor had a garage sale last saturday and tony and i had the same idea to finally go yard sailing (read: sale-ing) like we've always wanted to. so we saddled up, armed with petty cash, and drove around aimlessly seeking handmade signs to follow.

here's the majority of what we came home with, minus cds. there's a big ol bag full of mix-matched yarn, a brand new camera tripod, an adorable silver fish ring, a bra, and...

oh hang on. kayla, what is that? is that a totally rad vintage camera that's completely blowing my mind right now?

why yes, sub-concious kayla, yes it is.

meet lympie. he's our new best friend, and he was $2.

after taking lympie apart and doing some research, we've discovered
a) he works
b) he was made in either 1968 or 1978
c) he's SOLAR-POWERED. no batteries!!
d) he's really really neat.

okay, so he works now. tony had to disassemble him because the aperture was sticking, and the metal ring around the lens was dented, but tony is amazing and got everything working again. we even got our first roll of film developed!

i don't think anyone else is as excited as we are, but we're pretty excited. if you couldn't tell. excited. us. YAY!

by the way, i do know it's disgusting that i bought a used bra from a yard sale. but it's from victoria's secret. do you know how expensive those bad boys are? this was 2 bucks! and it's my size. and i have a washing machine.

i'm getting distracted by my music. today i think i'll do some embroidery, go to harmon's for cherries, take a shower, replace the flowers in my room, take dani for a walk, and maybe play a video game or two. i hope everyone's having a wonderful tuesday!

love, kayla

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


no promises on coherency tonight. i waited until it got way too late to post, so i'm exhausted and delirious but still not wanting to go to bed. what a smerk-perfect time to show off those pictures i've been talking about, eh?

t-bonez and i went to like a lumberjack lollapalooza something-or-other a couple weeks ago down at thanksgiving point. they had big tool exhibits and wood chopping/log cutting/chainsaw massacre races and things like that - it was definitely a guy's venue, full of engines and powerful machinery, with sawdust and wood shavings everywhere. (but i got ice cream, so i was happy too.) it was actually pretty interesting, even though we missed all the more exciting events like log rolling. part of the niceness was just getting out of the house and doing something a little different.
on our way out i begged to go check out the thanksgiving point home decor boutique thingy since we were there anyway. utah mormon style isn't really my thing (if you live here, you know what i'm talking about) but this particular store has some really pretty things which are slightly funkier than i was expecting when i first visited, so i like browsing now and again. it's all way too expensive to actually buy, so there's no real threat of me accidently losing money and acquiring new neat but useless things - but oh how i wish there were.

anyway, on to the lovelies.

these made me laugh cause they're so random. haha, i mean really.

the identical posing was completely an accident. p.s. w stands for wawesome.

my meagre photo skills don't do the place justice. parts of it are simply ethereal. but i think tony was feeling pretty tortured so we made to leave.

however, we got about as far as the parking lot before the huge mural of a t-rex busting out of the dinosaur museum sang its siren song.

like moths respond to the tantalizing dance of a flame, we were obliged to satiate our craving of cliche photo posing.

tony's all turned out way better, though.

this face he's making completely slays me.

well, i'm glad those are out of the way. i dove a little deeper into my newly acquired pile of fabric today but didn't make much progress. for the next little bit though i'm going to be tied down to finishing some friendship bracelets a friend from work requested a long time ago.

not now, though. now, bed.
love, kayla

Monday, June 15, 2009


it is very much definitely bed time.
i'm very proud of myself, because i've been up using my sewing machine. i'm sure my mom in the next room and my stepdad in the room below don't really appreciate me using any type of machinery at midnight, but i'd already started the project and if i stopped then it would fade away into the pile of things to finish when i don't feel stuck anymore. i didn't finish it, because sewing when you're tired is the mother of all bad ideas, so i guess i'll have to bust out some willpower and finish it tomorrow.

this brings me to today's thrift store finds. yay!

i can't tell you how in love with this phone i am. i've wanted one since i was little, and when i saw it on the shelf for $3 you know i had to buy it. who cares if tony and i aren't married yet or have a place of our own? the time to stock up on quirky home goods is now!

(the best part is that it actually works.)

i also bought two sheets and a neato pillowcase. the sheets are for clothing practice because they're cheaper and prettier than muslin, and the pillowcase is awesome, what with it's tree design and all. i'm thinking pillowcase dress, or maybe something a little more special. we'll see.

and before i go to bed, my very sweet boyfriend surprised me with brand new rolls of film today.

we love him.

that's all. tomorrow maybe i'll have some pictures of our adventure to thanksgiving point a while ago. there's a boutique thingy there that's full of all kinds of prettyness. happy monday!

love, kayla

Saturday, June 13, 2009

it's sunday, and i'm happy

i never know how to start these blog posts, so i'ma just gonna jump right in.


i'd settle for a polaroid camera. i would also settle for film for my newly fixed-but-not-really-fixed-cause-it-was-never-broken fancy nikon film camera, but for a very long time i've been wanting overexposed, grainy pictures INSTANTLY. i judge the importance of my obsessions by how long they last without me indulging them too soon, and if they make it into the months range, i say they deserve to be indulged.

however, film is slightly less expensive than a whole actual new camera, so i guess the instantness part is still going to have to wait.

it's been a trying weekend.

not that it wasn't good. i got to see some little boys that i haven't seen for a while so of course it was good. but i think i got my first real dose of what actual marriage and motherhood is going to be like. a heart is quick to melt in the face of big, innocent blue eyes, but it hardens back up pretty fast when you don't know why those eyes or crying or how to make them stop, and you can't pass them back to their mommy, and your boy-boy is downstairs playing video games all day. i really do hate to say it, but i've had to work hard to keep myself from getting frustrated at the man i love all because i'm stressed out taking care of a baby. i'm sorry tony.

but today was church day and even though i was tired, i always feel better after church. then a couple of movies and some exploding kitten noises, and the weekend's pretty much over. back to work, which i'm sure will make me want to be a mother again.

as far as crafting or doing anything creative goes, i've come to understand i've run into a little bit of a dry patch. which is weird, after having just gone through a very fertile, productive stage. i've got a napkin dress design magneted to the noteboard waiting to be started, a bag full of unfinished sewing projects, multiple little embellishment ideas floating around in my head. oh, and the secret embroidery project, of course.

and last but not least, what would a penniless, stubborn do-it-yourselfer be if she wasn't her own hair stylist, too?

i need a nap. and a good day at the park. happy sunday, everyone.
love, kayla

Friday, June 12, 2009

compilation + the new new blog

one of my most frustrating and wonderful traits is that i'm ever-changing. i have a new love, new dream, new idea, and new favorite color every day it seems. the blog i started for my crafts, treasurefulness, felt like what i wanted for a little while, but it ended up feeling too different from me and who i am. i got confused. i've been very interested in other people's blogs lately and i wanted to make something like theirs, to be the beautiful, creative, hip person like some of the girls i've come to admire (ahem *rachelelsiecakiescrissymarta* among others). i don't think that in itself is bad, but i tend to lose myself in things i wish i were. sometimes i'm just not things!
so i created this new blog, in an attempt to remain true to who i am and the stuff i love, and hope to blossom into the beautiful person i'm supposed to be.

(if you've followed me here, thanks!)

love, kayla


p.s. since i'm a-movin' blogs, i don't want to lose some of the cool stuff i found and shared. instead of copying over every post, i'll just throw the pretties here mish-mash style.

beautiful crocheted flower hair clips from mariannes.

i very much love these announcements and invitations from inkylivie.

and domesticconstruction's teacup chandeliers. i'm so happy i discovered these! i absolutely think i need one.

enchanting wonderfuls from brighter day.