Tuesday, June 23, 2009

end of lazy haitus + spoils from yard sailing

hi! it's been a few days. that's my fault. we got some sweet loot last saturday that i've been wanting to blog about, but they needed to be photographed and i just never got myself around to it. isn't it funny how sometimes we lack the motivation to do even the things that we really love?

well, i'm back so let's get to it.

our neighbor had a garage sale last saturday and tony and i had the same idea to finally go yard sailing (read: sale-ing) like we've always wanted to. so we saddled up, armed with petty cash, and drove around aimlessly seeking handmade signs to follow.

here's the majority of what we came home with, minus cds. there's a big ol bag full of mix-matched yarn, a brand new camera tripod, an adorable silver fish ring, a bra, and...

oh hang on. kayla, what is that? is that a totally rad vintage camera that's completely blowing my mind right now?

why yes, sub-concious kayla, yes it is.

meet lympie. he's our new best friend, and he was $2.

after taking lympie apart and doing some research, we've discovered
a) he works
b) he was made in either 1968 or 1978
c) he's SOLAR-POWERED. no batteries!!
d) he's really really neat.

okay, so he works now. tony had to disassemble him because the aperture was sticking, and the metal ring around the lens was dented, but tony is amazing and got everything working again. we even got our first roll of film developed!

i don't think anyone else is as excited as we are, but we're pretty excited. if you couldn't tell. excited. us. YAY!

by the way, i do know it's disgusting that i bought a used bra from a yard sale. but it's from victoria's secret. do you know how expensive those bad boys are? this was 2 bucks! and it's my size. and i have a washing machine.

i'm getting distracted by my music. today i think i'll do some embroidery, go to harmon's for cherries, take a shower, replace the flowers in my room, take dani for a walk, and maybe play a video game or two. i hope everyone's having a wonderful tuesday!

love, kayla


  1. your blog is such a happy place! i like :]

    and your yard sale finds are amazing! especially the cameraaa!

  2. ahhhhhhh! I love lympie!!!! he is super cute! and the pictures you took are amazzzzzing! film is so dreamy!