Saturday, June 27, 2009

harry potter?!?

woot for saturdays. the plans for today are costco, the mountains, cameras, and loving summer. i was woken up this morning by tony bringing me lots of new music and kisses. we ate breakfast over the paper and cut out one of the funnier comic strips, then we jumped on the trampoline and i got a piggy back ride. aren't we disgustingly cute? :) i love my boy.
the plan for right now is to kill time while waiting for people to shower by working on the current embroidery project and listening to harry potter on tape. that's right, harry potter. for those of you who don't know, i swore to never bother with harry potter since it first came out. i have a thing for purposely not following fads (less now than then) and it more or less began with harry potter. but tony got all 7 books on audiotape and put them on our itunes, and i would eavesdrop when he listened to them. the sensation of being read to is one of my favorites; i feel like i'm back in 5th grade where the teacher would read us wonderful stories, like mrs. frisby and the rats of NIMH and the last of the really great whangdoodles, and i can just sit back and be totally enraptured and it's a different experience than reading a book yourself.
i still prefer reading to listening to books, but i'm content to experience harry potter this way.
and yes, i like the books so far.

real quick, this is what i'm working on. it's just for fun, to learn new stitches and get some practice in. the pattern isn't mine, i found it on a website somewhere.

happy saturday.
love, kayla.

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