Wednesday, June 17, 2009


no promises on coherency tonight. i waited until it got way too late to post, so i'm exhausted and delirious but still not wanting to go to bed. what a smerk-perfect time to show off those pictures i've been talking about, eh?

t-bonez and i went to like a lumberjack lollapalooza something-or-other a couple weeks ago down at thanksgiving point. they had big tool exhibits and wood chopping/log cutting/chainsaw massacre races and things like that - it was definitely a guy's venue, full of engines and powerful machinery, with sawdust and wood shavings everywhere. (but i got ice cream, so i was happy too.) it was actually pretty interesting, even though we missed all the more exciting events like log rolling. part of the niceness was just getting out of the house and doing something a little different.
on our way out i begged to go check out the thanksgiving point home decor boutique thingy since we were there anyway. utah mormon style isn't really my thing (if you live here, you know what i'm talking about) but this particular store has some really pretty things which are slightly funkier than i was expecting when i first visited, so i like browsing now and again. it's all way too expensive to actually buy, so there's no real threat of me accidently losing money and acquiring new neat but useless things - but oh how i wish there were.

anyway, on to the lovelies.

these made me laugh cause they're so random. haha, i mean really.

the identical posing was completely an accident. p.s. w stands for wawesome.

my meagre photo skills don't do the place justice. parts of it are simply ethereal. but i think tony was feeling pretty tortured so we made to leave.

however, we got about as far as the parking lot before the huge mural of a t-rex busting out of the dinosaur museum sang its siren song.

like moths respond to the tantalizing dance of a flame, we were obliged to satiate our craving of cliche photo posing.

tony's all turned out way better, though.

this face he's making completely slays me.

well, i'm glad those are out of the way. i dove a little deeper into my newly acquired pile of fabric today but didn't make much progress. for the next little bit though i'm going to be tied down to finishing some friendship bracelets a friend from work requested a long time ago.

not now, though. now, bed.
love, kayla

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