Friday, December 4, 2009

what's your favorite cezanne?

i'm pretty sure it's one of those days. like if you were to ask a medicine woman or someone who knows a lot about numerology or something, she would say "oh yes, december 4th - the numbers say this is a very risky day. stay indoors and pad your walls and under no circumstances should you get out of your pajamas." i think this because work today was full of tired, whiny, clingy children and tired, grumpy adults, and on the way home i passed several car accidents, and i had to return to the art supply store a total of 2 times after my initial purchase after having made it all the way back to my car only to discover i 1) forgot to buy something i specifically went there to buy and 2) forgot my keys on a shelf. the girl who worked there was all kind and customer-servicey about it, but i'm sure she was thinking that i must be a really big ditz.

anyway, since it was apparently one of those days, i decided to skip doing anything vital and important like dressmaking at home and instead went straight for the xbox to unleash some pent up bad juju on unwitting zombies. (rest assured, about a billion zombies were harmed in the making of this film.)

driving in winter is just bad anyway, even on normal days. even in salt lake city, where cold, dangerous winters are the norm, where you'd think drivers would know how to handle icy roads and stuff. but somewhere between may and october i guess everyone just forgets because there's still a lot of transportative carnage on the roads during the winter months. but things get pretty evened out i guess because i still love driving at night around the holidays. i love christmas lights. i totally dig them this year. they're just so magical and sparkly and make me feel like covering everything with silver glitter when i get home. our family was never too big in stringing up a lot of lights or even decorating much at all, but i'm pretty sure i'm going to be one of those holiday decorator moms. i'd really like my kids to get in on all that pizazz.

i hope everyone's having a happy and safe holiday season so far. don't forget to not drive like a moron, especially during and directly after snowstorms. if you plow into my car i'm going to take back the well wishes i just wished you. now i'm off to finish my soup and take a steamy hot shower.

love kayla

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