Saturday, December 19, 2009

engagments sneak peek

our house has been kindof lifeless lately, what with sickness and busted up knees and working late and having no energy for christmas, so i'm the only one who's really excited about this right now, but the cd with all of our pictures from the engagement shoot monday arrived in the mail today.

so to make up for the deadness, here's a big YAY!

i think they turned out splendid. i don't feel like uploading the whole shebang tonight, so here's a sneak peek:

(click for pictures too big for your screen)


  1. Kayla! These are exciting! You are simply beautiful! You guys make such a cute couple. I hope that things get better and you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. What beautiful handsome people. I dub you the living version of Bella and Edward... I'm obsessing over you already! (You did mention that the house is life-less... was that a vampiric reference/hint?) Ok... let's be honest. You are both better looking than the cinematic versions of Bella and Edward. Why aren't you the stars of New Moon... why?! why?! I would like one of these engagement pictures in poster size for Christmas with the words "New Moon" at the top, k? Ok... stop teasing us with a sneak peek... we want more pictures! More!