Sunday, December 6, 2009

katana? why yes, i have some of those.

um, yesterday my mom took me to out and bought me some fancy pots and pans and some fancy knives. i really need to get some pictures of them up here because they are sweet! i never thought i could get excited about cookware. as it turns out, anything can be exciting when it's yours. seriously though, you've got to see my knives. we opened them all up today and i cut a red bell pepper with one of them, and oohhh man. it is so gratifying to use a fresh-out-of-the-box sharp knife.

now if only we had a house to put them in.

the pots and pans are nice too. they're big ol heavy things that could definitely put a burglar on his back (and yes, that was one of the factors i weighed while comparing sets.) plus we got a couple of free ones and two $50 gift cards for spending so much dang money. bed, bath, and beyond may simultaneously give me claustrophobia and vertigo, but sometimes i love that store.

sales are good. joann's just ended a pretty great one yesterday, where vogue patterns were only $3.99, plus i got half off 3 yards of fabric that was normally 10 bucks a yard. it's a deep delicious purple stretch cotton sateen, and i should probably get pictures of that too because you all'd thank me.

and the best news of the weekend? tony was ordained an elder today. one more awesome milestone of his spiritual progression, and now we're one step closer to our temple sealing. sometimes it's hard for me to wrap my head around what all this means and the sheer significance of it all, but i know we're on the right path and doing the right things, and i'm sure one day i'll truly appreciate all the good stuff that God is giving us.
right now we've got our eyes on the wedding date, and i kindof think we're holding our breath. not because it's going to run away or anything, but for me at least i plan on letting out a big sigh of relief once we're finally married and then really get to work on setting up our life together.

right now it's a lot of planning and detailing and preparing for the actual wedding, while also trying to keep the marriage part firmly in focus. it's exhausting. it will be nice to have the wedding out of the way and to have one less thing to worry about.

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