Monday, November 23, 2009

i can't hug my sewing machine

words can't express how much i'm lusting after this little sewing machine.
yes, that's right, lusting. i am feeling crazy crafting lust for this adorable piece of goodness. i mean, i don't even know what i'd do with it, except cozy up to it at night and dream of other non-fluffy small appliances made fluffy.
here's the maker's, caitlin bell's, etsy, but the shop is closed for some reason. for you utah peoples, though, she'll be at the Beehive Bazaar in provo next week. i'm thinking of going, and not just to steal the sewing machine. i owe it to myself, don't i? i can sort of be considered a crafty person - but not if i don't go to crafty things like bazaars and meet other people who can be considered crafty. if anyone wants to go too, let me know. seriously.

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