Friday, November 20, 2009

gotta get this wedding planned!

big busy weekend coming up! i have two goals: 1) finally just decide on wedding invitation wording and design and get a prototype completed, and 2) completely finish the first mockup of the dress. i know it's just two things, but i expect to be drained within like five minutes of getting started, because my creative energy usually depletes likes...well i can't think of an analogy right now, but the point is it goes fast. alas, things have to get done and i have to do them. (ignore the negativity because i'm EXCITED! just exhausted.)

i want to use this weekend to my advantage because on tuesday, my favorite extended family members + 1 are coming to visit, which is exciting not only because i LOVE them and haven't seen them in really long time, but because the + 1 is someone completely new and i can't can't can't wait to meet her.

xoxo times billions for that little dollface.

well, the boy just got home and i have to tell him about all the space pirates i fought today. see you monday.

love, kayla

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