Thursday, November 5, 2009

3, no 4, things i love saturday

i'm totally ripping off this idea from a number of sources. i hope that's okay with you.
sometimes i don't have anything to say. or, rather, i have lots to say but when it goes into word form i lose something in the translation. i already know it's because of me and not the things i want to say, but anyway some things just cross over better with pictures. so let's nix the talk, and get on to some things i'm really loving right now.
(p.s. there were originally going to be 10 things cause that seems to be the norm, but i lost steam when dealing with blogger's stupid-small post writing window and how difficult it is to put pictures into a post. grrr.)

anyway, in no particular order, i love:


textiles. pretty, pretty textiles. mmm.


zooey deschanel. i almost hate her, she's so cute.


adorable homemade stuffed animals, i.e. not lame-o mass produced storebought ones. (i especially love the whole mish-mashed cutesy vintagey fabric thing.)

4. the mall during the holidays.
i didn't think to snap a cameraphone picture of this today, but i was definitely loving the spirit of the season in the mall whilst shopping for engagement photoshoot details. there's something really special and happy to me about strolling down big mall-y hallways around christmas. it would have been better if my mom and sisters were with me. hopefully we'll all get to go shopping together closer to the big holiday.
this kindof goes along with #4, so i guess:
4.a - having the excuse of getting married to allow me to splurge on jewelery and new shoes. i LOVE getting new things, especially jewelery and shoes. i got big bright earrings (which tony says are too big, but what does he know?) and bold, colorful necklaces, and purple shoes. i. love. purple. i am now so excited to do our engagement session, until i start to think of what the heck tony will wear. i don't want to dress him up so he doesn't look like himself, but i don't want us to clash for the pictures. would it look bad if i were all colorful and he were in blacks and greys? must we be all matchy matchy?
here's a sweet wedding blog i found. i'm a little sad that all of my great blogging ambitions haven't really come to fruition yet. i wish i had the guts and know-how to make a cute, artsy, frequently used blog, but most of all i wish i had the time. maybe i've set my sights too high for now, and am lusting after a goal i have no way of achieving right now. with this whole wedding planning thing going on, i feel guilty if i spend my creative energy on things other than the dress and the flowers and the cake and the decorations and the photos. and the bouttonieres and the ties and the invitations. oh crap, the invitations!
oh and i have to plan my lesson for church tomorrow.
uhmm, what things do you love?

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  1. I won't lie I might steal this idea from you. However if you need a good photographer I have a friend that is amazing and she'd be willing to work with your budget to get engagement photos/bridals/wedding. She is in need of some for her portfolio. Her name is Brandy. Nathan knowws her she goes to BYU and is getting married herself this next summer. Very very good talent. Let me know if you want her contacts. Love ya!