Wednesday, July 15, 2009

find a way to make your natural tendencies pay

hi guys. happy wednesday.
before anything else happens, look at this smoothie i made.

it's orange-vanilla-watermelon, and it's amazing. you've got to try one.

did you know that the coolness of a place is exactly equal to how many pictures one feels the need to take of it? guess how many pictures i took of idaho? none! (i didn't even bring my camera. sorry idaho, you just lose.) actually i concede that parts of idaho are actually quite beautiful and interesting, but we were in burley; far, far away from those parts. even my dad referred to it multiple times using the word "armpit".
but the reunion was good and family's what matters, right? i got to meet distant relatives i didn't know existed before this weekend, and i learned a lot about my grandparents and my maternal great-grandparents and great-aunts and second cousins and i'm sure people of other combinations of relation. but besides all that, check out this sweet afghan made by my aunt darlene.

and it's all mine! i thought the colors were beautiful and i can't wait to use it to decorate the home i will someday have.

i also learned that my grandma was a painter and also - get this- a SHOEMAKER. how cool is that? she even wrote a book about how to make shoes and my uncle made everyone copies, and i just think it's so rad that my grandma was a totally crafty woman. i'm one of the younger grandkids, so i never knew her very well, but hopefully, maybe i got a little bit of me from her? my aunts and uncles gave me one of her unfinished paintings and told me to finish it. maybe someday i'll summon the guts to do it, but until then it's neat to have something of hers.

does anyone else love cupcakes as much as i do? i don't think so.

i got this little gem for being such a good girl at the dentist's office. i can't eat it yet cause the entire right half of my face including my tastebuds is numb, but i'm sure it's delicious. looks like red velvet to me.

well i know i keep promising pictures and finished things and things, but time never seems to make room for me. i'm in the process of finding a new job and i'm still trying to snap out of vacation mode. there's still those dang bracelets to finish that i'm completely dreading because they're so time consuming and headache inducing and i think i have arthritis but only when i work on them. if you're confused, it's okay. i'm a schizophrenic, and so am i.

but wait! i've got a few shots of tony working on my sewing machine like a cool little man. check out his blog, a picture of my life, for the complete project. plus there's one kindof lame pic from waiting for fireworks in the park on the 4th of july. i don't know why i didn't take any pictures of actual fireworks. i have a lot to learn.
love, kayla


  1. i will rival your cupcake love with my downright cakey-goodness obsession.

  2. You ARE the ultimate cupcake lover. In fact, I am seriously craving a Kayla cupcake as we speak... mmm.... lavender .... Why don't you live in MY house?! Why?! Why?!

    It took me a second, but your current blog title is from the "Dentist" song from Little Shop of Horrors. Am I right? I hope I'm right.

  3. obscure movie quote blog title prize goes to jodi for the win! and now i'm almost tempted to try out the lavender cupcakes once again in memoriam of sweet chico days livin with the cool kids. if i do, and if they're good, i'll dedicate them to you.

  4. ahaha! A. i love the what about bob reference [i'm a schizophrenic and so am i]

    B. the afghan is gorgeous!

    and C. ohhh idaho. the fact that you didn't take any pictures there made me laugh.