Sunday, October 11, 2009


okay, so first off: i'm a terrible blogger. i don't even want to go back and check the date of my last entry cause it would make me feel too shameful.

second off: sorry.

third off: i am temporarily converting the purpose of this blog from being solely an arty-crafty blog into a weddin' blog, because, well, I'M GETTING MARRIED! woot. so aside from facebook and real life, my friends and family will get to see the whole process documented here, whilst i continue to type and talk about it incessantly until no one really wants me to get married anymore cause they're so sick of hearing about it. and away we go.

before we truly begin, some stats.
1. the date is february 20, 2010
2. we'll be married in the salt lake city temple
3. we have no idea where the reception will be
4. the plan is to make my own dress, flowers, and invitations, but depending on how stressed and crazy i get as time goes on, that list may be reluctantly downsized
5. my dream for the reception is for it to be informal, non-traditional, fun, happy, and more like a big party than a boring 'reception'

i'll save topic-specific pictures and things for another post, hopefully tomorrow, but for now i'll leave you with some quickly-snapped photos (cause i'm a perfectionist?) of what my mind's on now. here's my precious, and my already fat planning binder to keep me organized. oh gosh, this is bad already.


  1. You're getting married on my birthday, that's cool. Oh and I think you mean 2010.

  2. congratulations!!! i hope all of your planning & such things go smoothly :] your ring is beautiful!